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Coinpit builds financial software that brings the following crypto properties to the financial system: Provable security, Zero-knowledge authentication and transparency.

Cryptographically guarded funds

Coinpit builds exchange software that mitigates the most severe fiduciary risks on crypto-exchanges. We use multi-signature addresses where the user’s private key is never transmitted to the exchange, assuring that a security breach cannot compromise user’s funds, making your exchange immune to failure from theft from internal or external agents. To find the right exchange, insidebitcoins provides a guide which also helps you to learn about how to buy cryptocurrencies like bitcoin via reputable exchange.

The user’s funds are always available for future withdrawal as a raw bitcoin transaction, and in case the exchange shuts down, users can simply publish the transaction to the bitcoin network to recover their coins.

It’s an exchange where your money is mathematically proven to not be lost in the event of an exchange failure or shutdown. Your finances are on the blockchain and not a database entry. And yet performs fast enough for high volumes.

World-class trading platform

Coinpit combines the features of world-class trading platform like bitcode ai platform, which is a legitimate trading software specifically designed for cryptocurrency trading and the security of cryptography. From a variety of entry orders (Limit, Stop Limit, Stop Market, Market) to automatic target and stop loss orders with OCO, you can focus more on reading the market and less on actively managing the trade.

Products & Services

Talk to us about customizing our software to adapt to your own private blockchain. We offer a full suite of professional services at reasonable rates.

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Jeff. G

“It’s really intuitive, which surprised me a lot, especially putting orders with hotkeys or moving them on chart works so nicely.”


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“Your idea is truly big. It’s going to change the face of BTC trading.”

Sena N.

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